We do tailor-made packaging

Shaped cut-outs, special industrial packaging, multi-material packaging, group packaging, anti-static packaging, packaging kits, eco-friendly packaging, spools

We fixate and protect the products being packaged

Grids, partitions, interlayers, separators, dividers, stretch foils, fixation foils, filling systems, 3D foam fillers, shaped cut-outs

Printed packaging

Custom printed boxes and packaging, custom printed adhesive tapes

We provide a full packaging service

Packaging design and creation, packaging testing room and testing, packaging process analysis, warehouse storage and logistics, replacement of non-ecological materials, complete packaging service

We save you money on packaging

Total cost optimisation, packaging process automation, packaging assembly, packaging for multiple product types

We supply the packaging machines and work space

Adhesives, folding (formatting) machines, wrapping machines, packing tables, conveyor belts, filling systems, full service

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