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Company management

Servisbal is a Czech company founded in 1993 in the city of Dobruška. The founders and owners are Ladislav and Hana Horčička. Right from the beginning, Servisbal was founded on the principles of a family-owned company with a clear vision of handing down management positions and ownership to members of the Horčička family.

Between 1993 and 2019, the position of Director had long been held by Ing. Ladislav Horčička, who was also active as a forensic expert in the packaging sector. He was succeeded by his son Ing. Lukáš Jiří Horčička.

The company has been building a team of stable employees for a long time – experts in design, production, and many other activities related to packaging.

Servisbal is guided by a sophisticated strategy, which is based on collaborative work between the company’s owners and their colleagues involved in the management of individual company departments with the contribution of other employees. And so the motto and vision “we create clever solutions in the world of packaging” was born.

Join the ranks of 8,309 clients, who pack with Servisbal.
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