We are changing the world of packaging through

custom made solutions automation innovations

We provide an excellent full packaging service.
We create unique packaging and offer comprehensive packaging solutions for customers from the industrial sector and for wholesale and retail purposes. We operate an e-shop and are able to deliver your packaging within 24 hours.

We do tailor-made packaging

We design packaging systems that safely protect your products. Furthermore, you will cut costs on storage, logistics and personnel expenses.

Prints for boxes and packaging materials

We provide printed packaging using all available technologies. Prints for marketing and advertising purposes plus simple handling and packing symbols.

We save you money on packaging

We are able to estimate hidden processing costs in your current packaging habits and can offer you a new money-saving solution.

We fixate and protect the products being packaged

The box itself is a given, what’s important is the protection of goods inside it. We specialise in creating quality, affordable packaging fixation options that will protect your products.

We provide a full packaging service

From package design to delivery using the Just in Time (JIT) methodology, we provide a comprehensive service for everything related to packaging.

We supply the packaging machines and work space

Simple machines can increase the functionality and effectiveness of packaging. We offer complex packaging workplaces including delivery and technology services.

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We are partners in Europe’s leading packaging network.

Our customers benefit from the international cooperation, joint purchasing power and flexibility of this European packaging network.

"Together we set trends in the world of packaging."

Lukáš J. Hořčička
Join the ranks of 8 309 clients who pack with Servisbal.
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We do tailor-made packaging

Safe packaging for shipping headlamps

One of our customers placed an order for a reliable packaging solution for shipping headlamps with precise dimensions provided for the outer packaging layer. In practice, therefore, it was all about designing fixation that protects the headlamp lens using a minimum amount of material.
„Servisbal came up with an original solution allowing for the left and right headlamps to be inserted into a single package with the fixation being designed in such a way that there was only one correct way to insert the headlamp.“
Servisbal designers.
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We fixate and protect the products being packaged

Group packaging of glass

Servisbal supplies Crystalex with several different types of simple grids, which separate and thereby protect glasses from damaging one another.
“We chose to go with Servisbal for a grid packaging solution because they are delivered pre-assembled and don’t fall apart in our workers’ hands.”
Milan Malinský, Head of Purchasing and Packaging Concepts.
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Packaging design

Anti-static packaging for switches

Fixation and outer packaging made of anti-static cardboard protects the product from electric shock and mechanical damage.
“We select our suppliers based on the properties of the packaging, as well as on the quality of certain deliveries, the ability to tackle difficult orders, and other processing factors.”
Ing. Jiří Hořák, Purchasing.
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We have been making packaging for over 25 years.

We have helped many customers during our years in business.

We are Servisbal

ceska firma
A Czech company
A family-owned and operated company with a clear vision for the future.
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Our own production
We have our own production base and modern technologies.
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Our team of designers
Experts with an education and long-term experience in the packaging industry.
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Made to order
Custom packaging for your products. Trusted protection, effective logistics.

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Renata Danielisová

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Eva Brychová

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