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Innovatively manufactured

6. Innovatively manufactured

The burden on the environment is greater the more the population grows. Unfortunately, even the rapid development of technology cannot eliminate all the negative elements that the production and disposal of packaging entails.
However, an optimal design solution that takes into account what the packaging will be used for can help.
Which product is the packaging designed to wrap?
Is it desirable to use it repeatedly?
What transport and climatic conditions will it face?
In what way will it be handled well?
These are just some of the issues that designers need to take note of.
The trend nowadays is to save both money and time.
However, this must not be at the expense of sustainability.
Packaging with innovative design features is continuously being developed for easy handling and time saving.  Easy to fold, ideally without the use of adhesive tapes. Material saving is an issue as well. Universal packaging is therefore being developed so that one type of packaging can be used for a larger product portfolio.


The development of packaging materials is not lagging behind either. We are constantly looking for ways to help the environment. We also encounter somewhat unconventional materials, e.g. packaging mixtures containing mycelium or grass. The effort to develop these alternatives has its justification and sense in terms of sustainability.

Real life examples

Innovative spool design for the winding of netting

Universal cardboard spools

Replacement of plastic and wood spools with corrugated cardboard. The spools are delivered and stored flat.

6. Innovatively manufactured

More about sustainable packaging

5 principles of eco-friendly packaging

The use of packaging in practice determines its sustainability as much as the packaging itself. We have defined and follow 5 basic procedures.

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