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2. Reusable

If the packaging retains its physical properties, it can be reused in many cases. Some of the packaging encourages this – the manufacturer already counts on reuse. E.g. in the case of some mailing packages that have an integrated double sealing tape.


Has the packaging deteriorated so much that it can no longer be used for its original purpose? Before throwing it away, consider whether it can still be used in other ways. This is called “upcycling”, a process of reusing materials that has less negative impact on the environment than current recycling.
For example, cardboard boxes can also serve as storage boxes for DIY and hobby activities.

Deti u hradu z kartonu opt

Real life examples

Cardboard grids for handling products in a glass factory

Group packaging of glass

Corrugated cardboard grids for the repeated transport of glass products within the production facilities in a glass factory. Simple and inexpensive fixation, repeatedly used.

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5 principles of eco-friendly packaging

The use of packaging in practice determines its sustainability as much as the packaging itself. We have defined and follow 5 basic procedures.

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