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Fixation of grinding wheels for fast delivery

Packaging type
PadPak fixation system

Customer requirements

The simplest as well as most protective packaging for grinding wheels.
A customer producing grinding wheels needs a simple and fast way to pack them. The handling must be simple, since the client’s company mostly employs temporary workers.

Our Solution

Packaging with the help of cardboard boxes and PadPak paper pads. Packaging material is produced directly at the workplace.

The products are relatively heavy but also fragile. Therefore, the PadPak fixation was recommended, which, thanks to the compilations and perforations, also provides support for material products. At the same time, it perfectly absorbs all impacts during transport and provides important deformation zones, for example, when the corner of the box is damaged by a falling package.


1. Production of packaging material directly at the packaging site
2. Reliable filling material that prevents damage during transport
3. Minimum requirements for training packaging workers
4. Easy recycling of packaging, all made out of paper.


1. One roll of paper replaces more than 4 rolls of bubble wrap
2. Payment only for material used
3. Machines for the production of fixation available for a convenient rental price
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