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Anti-static packaging for switches

Packaging type:
Group packaging | Separator | Shaped cut-out

Customer requirements

Reliable protection both in terms of transport risks and damage from electrical charges. Reliable solution even as a group package (multiple switches in one package).
antistatické balení spínačů 1
The leading European manufacturer of electronic equipment for cars, aircraft and production technology needed to find a comprehensive packaging solution in an anti-static design for packing switches. Several different types of switches that come in different designs are sent both individually and in groups. Some types are very sensitive to mechanical damage and their value surmounts to the tens to hundreds of thousands in Czech crowns (CZK).

Our Solution

Thanks to a proven, anti-static cardboard with documented and tested properties, finding the right solution is not complicated. A fixation system by means of a shaped cut-out with safe deformation zones was designed for individually packed switches. A group packaging solution was then designed using a separator and cover pad.

The individual switches are inserted into precisely shaped grooves that reliably fix them in the required position so that they will not damage one another. The outer packaging consists of several types of smaller boxes with a lock, so there is no need for adhesive tape for closing.


1. Anti-static packaging adapted to packaged products
2. Corrugated cardboard with proven anti-static properties
3. Separator – safe and secure group packaging
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Industry: Manufacture of electronic components and equipment

Customer feedback

“We select our suppliers based on the properties of the packaging, as well as on the quality of certain deliveries, the ability to tackle difficult orders, and other processing factors.”

Ing. Jiří Hořák, SCHURTER spol.s.r.o.

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